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Metro East Dart Association is a Detroit-area steel-tipped dart league. Our objective is to sanction league play and work with similar organizations to advance the great game of darts.

We were formed in September of 1991 from the remains of Pointes East Dart Association, and have been in constant operation since then. There are two seasons per year: Fall (August-December) and Spring (January-May). The league plays every Wednesday at 7:00pm, and there are fifteen games (eight ’01/seven cricket) total played per match in all divisions. Individual players can play anywhere from 3 to 7 games per match.

The current membership fee for one full year (includes Fall and Spring seasons) is $50 per person, and venues must pay a sponsorship fee of $100 per season for the first team in a venue, $80 for the second team, and $60 per season for the third team out of the same venue. We have an open-bar banquet in the Summer every year at which we award trophies for both team and individual accomplishments.

M.E.D.A. is currently composed of 32 dart players on 6 different teams in 4 sponsoring venues. We are always looking to add new players, teams, and venues, so please contact us at  if interested.

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Check out MEDA’s YouTube page for more steel-tipped darts related videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much experience and/or skill do I need to join in your league?

A: The league is very flexible — it obviously helps to have some knowledge of the game upon entry, but we can accomodate any skill level, from beginner to expert. The league is split into multiple divisions, and we do our best to ensure that players are matched up against similarly skilled players.

Q: Do I have to enter the league with a full team, or can I sign up individually?

A: If you want to bring in a full team, that obviously must be done at the beginning of the season (teams are required to have four to six people). During the season, we can almost always find a spot for an individual player of any skill level.

Q: On what night and at what time does your league play?

A: We play on Wednesdays. League play starts at 7:00pm. Most players show up at least 10-15 minutes early to practice/warm up.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: The player fee is currently $50 per calendar year, running from mid-August to mid-August. The cost of membership includes admission for one to our year-end banquet in June (extra tickets are available as well), and team and/or individual accomplishment trophies. The year is split into two seasons: FALL, running from August to December, and SPRING, running from January to May.

Q: I’m interested in joining... what’s my next step?

A: Contact us by email at . Or show up at one of our registration meetings (in August or January). Our League Coordinator can help with placing you on a team.

Q: I’m interested in joining M.E.D.A. as a sponsor. What do I need to know?

A: The current venue fee is $100 per season for the first team in a venue, $80 for the second team, and $60 per season for the third team out of the same venue. This fee includes six to eight home matches (with a minimum of four people per team) and admission for one to our year-end banquet. There are two seasons per year: the fall season starting in August and the spring season starting in January. It’s best to notify our League Coordinator first and we’ll go from there. We generally accept venues in eastern Wayne County, Macomb County, and possibly the eastern end of Oakland County. Ample free parking is required, and the venue must have adequate space for the dartboard, scoreboard, and participants. The league will be glad to help you set up (boards, chalkboards, and toelines, etc) if you desire. All venues must be sanctioned for league play by our League Coordinator before each season.

Q: Are there other Detroit-area steel-tipped dart leagues?

A: Yes, there are several - take a look at "Michigan Dart Leagues" in the right column on this page.

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